What’s MB Coin ?

- MB Coin or Magic Box Coin is the common currency on our Magic Box Asia website. You can use MB Coins to purchase the in-game currencies of the games on our platform.

How to Refill


1. Click Refill Button

Login to your account. The login details are the same as those you use to login to our game. Then click on the “Refill MB Coins” button


2. Choose Payment

Select your desired payment channel. The currently available payment channels are: TrueMoney, MPay, BoonTerm, ThaiEpay, MOL, 1-2 CALL, Happy and Zest.


3. Check and Confirm

Enter your top-up code, or select the amount you would like to top-up. Check and confirm your payment. You will then receive your MB Coins as purchased.

How to Exchange


1. Choose Game

Choose the games on our platform which you would like to purchase the in-game currencies.


2. Choose Platform

Choose your mobile phone’s platform ( IOS and Android )


3. Choose Package

Select the package you would like to exchange and click “comfirm” button.