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Magicbox Asia Co., Ltd.
Quality . Fun . Responsible

MagicBox Asia focuses on publishing the most entertaining games from all around the world. We are especially careful in our game selection processes to find entertaining games and rolling them out in the most efficient ways possible.

The team brings their experiences from their award-winning game development background along side with expertise in digital products to revolutionize the mobile game publishing business in South-East Asia, starting with Thailand.

We go to our means to make every game on our platform becomes a huge success. Great details are put into every step with our partners from sourcing, localizing and culturizing, integrating, promoting, all the way to payment services.




Localized Games Paymeny Service

In-app Purchases

Magic Box Asia helps game developers make more money from their games in South East Asia regions. Our content team is consistently looking for great games that are in our scope of localization services.

We translate, tweak, and optimize games to make them more suitable for the local markets in South East Asia. We created dedicated teams of mobile developers, backend developers, interface designers, art directors, marketers, translators, testers, and game producers to make sure that quality contents get delivered to gamers in the best possible way.

We promise our customers that they will only see quality contents by consistently brining quality games onto the Magic Box platform.

Gamers are happier because they get to play quality games. Game creators are happier because they can generate more profit and able to create more great games for the gaming market.



MBA’s content team loves gaming. We know what great games are like. And we know which will be a good fit for the local markets. Nevertheless, no matter how good a game is - discovery is still an issue, thus we secured promotion channels with over 30Millions reach, to make sure that great contents are worth to be seen.



Localization is so much more than just translating words and sentences. We put great emphasis into re-crafting the stories, interfaces, illustrations, fonts, events and many more into a format that will be most appealing for the local crowds through our dedicated game development teams (yes we have both technical and art teams in-house!)


Payment Services

In case you have not noticed, most players in the South East Asian markets do not have access to credit cards. Facts are that in-app purchases are very cumbersome and for many players, impossible to execute. That is why we go to crazy means to integrate alternative payment methods into the Magic Box platform :)


We are always looking for quality games, please e-mail us at : contact@magicboxasia.com